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Amazon Fish Collecting Expedition - Napo & Mazan Rivers

Description: Amazon boat-based fish collecting on the Napo and Mazan rivers and tributaries. Apart from a few species of designated food fishes that are prohibited for export or CITES listed species (e.g. stingrays), most of the 150-250 species typically encountered can be shipped back home. Fish are cared for on-board the boat during the duration of the expedition, and are shipped through a licensed commercial exporter in Peru. MTAE works with a USA importer for arranging export to the USA. For shipping to other countries (Canada, UK, etc.), participants wishing to take fish back will need to contact their appropriate government agencies to make permit arrangements. Under current regulations, it is unfortunately impossible to ship fish to Australia or New Zealand.

Cost: $1925 ($200 discount for repeat clients) - includes 2 nights hotel in Iquitos, airport pickup/drop-off, all accommodations and meals aboard Esperanza riverboat or equivalent, skiff use, crew services, etc. 

Cost DOES NOT include fish shipping costs, which depend on the weight and destination of the shipment. Shipment costs are divided among participants according to how many boxes of fish they are taking back, and which have ranged from $100-$200/box in the past (varies with the total size of the shipment)

Itinerary: Participants should arrive in Iquitos on Sat 18 January 2020, or on an early flight on Sun 19 January. Departure from the hotel to the port at 9 AM on 19 January. Itinerary will include the black-water Mazan River as well as the white-water Napo River and tributaries. Return to Iquitos early afternoon on Tuesday 28 Jan., with transfer of fishes to the exporters facility for acclimatization and processing. Opportunity to visit the exporters facility and purchase additional fish if desired. Overnight in Iquitos with group dinner on the Iquitos Boulevard. On Wednesday 23 Jan., there is opportunity to revisit the exporters, or to visit other exporters and to make more purchases. Participants may depart any time on Wednesday 23 Jan 2020. 

Leader(s): Devon Graham

Contact: Devon Graham