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Peru Birding Extravaganza

Description: With over 1800 species of birds, Peru is second only to Colombia in bird richness. MTAE is offering a Peru birding Grand Tour. This trip is limited to 5 persons only. You will need to be physically fit and able to handle high elevations, accustomed to a bit of roughing it, early rising, heat and humidity, cold and snow, and of course have a passion for birds. 

Cost: TBA. 

Itinerary:  September is a fine time for birding in Peru. Austral migrants are still present, but getting ready to head south for the summer breeding season, and boreal migrants are already showing up to spend the northern winter. September is well into the Amazonian dry season, so rain-outs will be unlikely, and all-day rains will probably be non-existent. 

Our itinerary will include some coastal desert and pelagic birding out of the city of Lima, a search for outlying Andean ridge and mid-elevation specialties near Tarapoto and Moyobomba in northern Peru, and river island, white-sand, and south-of-the Amazon species in Iquitos.  To wrap up the trip we will do a southern Peru transect from the rainforest lowlands of Puerto Maldonado up to snow-line in the Andes. This latter route is infrequently birded, and is certain to turn up a number of surprises. 

If you are seriously interested, contact ASAP, as we do have the opportunity to tweak the itinerary to accommodate the search for <must-see> species on participants lists. 

The trip will wrap up in the Incan capitol of Cusco, and if participants wish, we can add in an excursion to Machu Picchu (itself a great birding, as well as archeological destination). 

Leader(s) and Contact: The trip will be led by Devon Graham ( who has worked in Peru since 1994, and who has birded all the noted locations (with the exception of pelagic birding in Peru).