Renaco tree ( Coussapoa trinervia ) during dry season. At high season, water levels reach the horizontal branches.

Renaco tree (Coussapoa trinervia) during dry season. At high season, water levels reach the horizontal branches.



Expedition Base Price: $1525/Week (if you sign up for both weeks, the second one is priced at $1325)

Experience the Amazon as few others do. Whether you're a beginning or advanced aquarist, or simply want to be immersed in the Amazon rainforest, a fish-collecting expedition may be your best choice. Our Esperanza riverboat will travel the Nanay, Momon and Amazon rivers, stopping 2-4 times per day at different locations and habitats in search of the 200+ species of fish that are typically encountered in a one-week expedition. Try your hand at dip-netting, seining, cast-netting, or rod-and-reel fishing. Prize fishes can be kept aboard in coolers (we have an aeration system) and sent back home to populate your aquaria through arrangements with a commercial aquarium fish exporter in Iquitos. Prized eating fishes can be sent to the kitchen!

Rainforest creeks and pools, palm swamps, mud-flats, sandbars, large-river channels, temporary ponds, and other habitats in both upland and seasonally-flooded forest are accessed, giving you access to a wide array of fishes, photographic opportunities, and experiences. The expedition ends with a visit to the Iquitos exporters facilities, where additional fish can be purchased if desired. We make every effort to ship collected fishes within 3-4 days after the end of the expedition.

OPTIONAL DISCUS COLLECTING!  The Nanay River is the only accessible location in the Peruvian Amazon where discus fish (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) can be collected. These fish are best caught on very dark nights, and August 11th is the new moon - perfect!  The excursion is complementary for clients spending both weeks, and can be added on for an additional $125 for clients spending just one week on board. We will work with local fish collectors to accompany clients in small canoes that can access the lakes that discus favor. 

DATES IN 2019:

January 2019: Amazon, Napo and Mazan rivers - 23 January 2019 to 1 February 2019 (10d/9n) $1925 ($1725 repeat client rate)

August 2019: Nanay & Momon rivers - 4-10 August 2019 (7d/6n) $1525 ($1325 repeat client rate)

August 2019: Nanay & Amazon rivers - 11-17 August 2019 (7d/6n) $1525 ($1325 repeat client rate)